Richard T. Baum

Attorney at Law

Rick has been in practice for more than 38 years, but what’s more impressive than his experience is the passion he brings to his office and the courtroom each day.

Learn why Rick is both a talented trial presenter and a steadfast advocate for the clients he serves.  

Your Guiding Light in These Troubled Times

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When we sit down to discuss your situation, we will clearly explain all of your legal options, as well as the pros and cons associated with each one.

There is no Legalese at our firm. After all, one mark of a seasoned legal team is the ability to communicate effectively with their clients.

Additionally, you can count us to assess your circumstances honestly and fairly. For example, if we do not believe bankruptcy is in your best interest at this time, we will recommend an alternative.

We make a point to be forthcoming with all our clients, and, of course, are here to answer any questions they have along the way.

Anyone who has visited our office has seen our sculpture of Garuda, an Indonesian symbol of protection. This piece of artwork embodies our own mission, which is to protect our clients.

This vision drives our practice and inspires to us to go above and beyond for each and every client who seeks our services.

You will find that our passion adapts to fit the situation, as well. In client meetings, for instance, we are driven to carefully listen to your story and truly understand what is important to you.

However, in the courtroom, our dedication to advocacy takes a more forceful and authoritative form.

After completing law school, Rick earned a Master of Laws, an internationally recognized postgraduate degree. Since that time, Rick has gone on to successfully handle over 500 bankruptcies.

Between Rick’s background and Myriam’s professional experience, our firm is well equipped to assist you with debt relief.

Beyond providing counsel for bankruptcy alone, we guide you through the many crossover issues that often occur in tandem. Such matters include the condemnation of properties, wrongful foreclosure, federal statutes, properties listed in trusts, and more.

Regardless of what you’re facing, we can help you through it.

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The above question is an important one. Before we begin our work, we will always ask if you truly need the kind of fresh start that bankruptcy provides or if there is a better alternative available.

Unfortunately, debt relief solutions are not well understood in our society. Because of the shame that people tend to associate with financial troubles, many are afraid to discuss their worries openly. And when you’re left to face such problems alone, you often jump to the worst conclusions. We work to show you that the hardship you’re facing is common and that there are many ways to overcome it.  

Life is possible after bankruptcy

Right now it can seem like the world is against you. At our firm, we get you back on track & moving forward.

Filing bankruptcy is fairly straightforward, but how will it affect you down the line? That’s probably what you’d like to know, and we’d like to share some insight. First and foremost, bankruptcy is a temporary solution. Likewise, your credit score is ever-changing, and there is no way to permanently ruin it.

In some cases, filing bankruptcy can actually raise your score. However, even if it does drop, there are numerous ways to recover. Many clients turn to secured credit cards and installment loans in order to rebuild their credit, and under the guidance of experienced financial planners, we’ve seen clients qualify for mortgages and auto loans in as little as two years. Furthermore, after seven to ten years, the bankruptcy will be removed from your credit report entirely. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about how to live a successful life after bankruptcy.