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Rick Baum: Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles


Bankruptcy is a very personal decision.

Don't blame yourself – it's not constructive. Nor should you feel embarrassed or reluctant, that won't fix anything either. Sometimes there's no other option, that's when bankruptcy can be the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel – filled with benefits to return your life back to normal.
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The economy has been the worst we have seen in decades.

It's topped only by the Great Depression of the 1930s. Unemployment has been at an all-time peak and people need help. Though improving, today's economy does not repair everyone's financial wounds – both individuals and small business owners. When you need a clean start, bankruptcy can be your lifesaver.

Bankruptcy can be your solution.

Bankruptcy can remove debt, stop foreclosure, provide protection from creditors, tax debt, and support debt - even non- support Family Law issues including property division equalization payments and, perhaps even, obligations to pay the other spouse's lawyer.

Is bankruptcy the right direction for you?

Rick Baum can help you figure out which decision is best for you. If bankruptcy is the answer you need an attorney to help lead you through the complicated waters, to help you make sense of a tough situation and make sure you understand all of your options - the different chapters of Bankruptcy and their pros and cons. The key to getting through the bankruptcy process swiftly and efficiently is working with a skilled bankruptcy attorney.

Rick Baum has 35 years of experience in U.S. Bankruptcy law, Rick is a straight-shooter.

He will evaluate your situation and tell you if he can help. He won't lead you on. When retained, Rick will do his very best to help remedy your situation. Rick is also well versed in related legal matters. As you read through this website, we invite you to learn more about the services, Rick can also help creditors in certain situations.
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